Sunday, December 09, 2007

Building a Picture

Work Flow: Part I
So here is a grab shot shown just as the camera captured it. Mildly interesting and blah, it needs work. It is not a technically good image, but I am using it to illustrate some basics that I've been asked about (via e mails).


In the second image I have used the clone tool to cover up the many small white floaters, especially around the bird. The eye is naturally drawn to bright spots in a picture, so the specks were detracting from the main subject. The photo has been cropped a bit.
Here some edge burning has been done and over all contrast has been adjusted.


In 4, I've burned in around the edges and slightly increased the contrast over all. The image has also been sharpened, something almost always necessary after manipulating an image. Am I happy with the picture now? Not really. I think the composition is a bit weak from the start. It could be cropped many different ways and manipulated to the extreme.

Like so. Paddle safe...

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