Sunday, December 23, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

Just back from walking Ansel. It is mild out there (32F), but the wind is blowing with gusts up to 50mph. A big moon is playing peekaboo with the patches of clouds that are scudding across the sky. It was a lot different 20 hours ago when Sherri Mertz and I launched at South Shore on Lake Michigan.We paddled south into a light wind. While inside the break water things were flat. We saw some 2-4 foot swells near our turn around when it got a bit shallow. It was blissfully quiet (except when I gabbed...but I digress) and the swans were out (they stayed too far off to get a decent picture). It was, obviously, foggy. All in all a pleasant paddle and, possibly, the last of the year.

Paddle safe...


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