Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stuck In The Snow...
For Now

Well, I won't be going south to paddle, at least not this month. I have an opportunity to do some work with an educational company here, and I need to go to their offices next week. Besides, I pulled my right trapezes while in the pool last evening (more on that tomorrow). It is in spasm this morning. I couldn't effectively paddle even if I wanted to.

I now look forward to the end of the month when my daughters and grandson will be here for a visit.

No one is paddling this morning...that I know about. So, off to meet them at the coffee shop. It seems I have nothing profound to say today (but I digress).

Paddle safe...


1 comment:

DaveO said...

Love the photo. I'm just thankful for a real northern winter so far. Get in a nice morning ski and then load up the boat for the (yes, I'm a hypocrite) pool session. Hope the trap heals up!