Monday, December 03, 2007

The Inside Passage

Our cable package includes MPTV (Milwaukee Public TV) in high definition and, yesterday, I watched a compelling program entitled The Inside Passage (photos are of the TV screen and not my original work). I recommend it to you all.

Based on Vancouver's exploration of the coast from British V.C. to Alaska, it is a collage of history, scenery, mythology and legends, many of them told by first generation's peoples. The photography is excellent and includes scenes of the coast, the people, artifacts, canoes and the like.

In one hour it educates and entertains and, at least for me, provides a perspective of a place I've not visited (yet). I learned how the original marvelous and descriptive names of bays and waters were changed by Vancouver and how he often under appreciated what he was seeing. The navigation was treacherous because of the tides, whirlpools and narrows, and ships were run aground. Inevitably, trees were cut, natives displaced and the earth raped for her sparse amount of gold. Eventually, the smoke stacks appeared.

The piece is available on DVD. I am sure that you will find a connection with what you see be it as a kayak person or just a human being who appreciates what once was.

Paddle safe...


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DaveO said...

Did a paddle in the Johnstone Straits area a few years back and hit the Village Island site. Lots of very interesting Pacific Northwest native stuff. In this acquisition based society the potlatch concept was of particular interest.