Saturday, December 08, 2007

Old business
Ned, a local paddler, wrote to put me onto Enlightened Kayaks web site which has a good discussion on hull design, hull speed, displacement, etc. I recommend it.
New Business
Winter Strategies
The chill factor just now (at 5 is just above zero, and I may change my plans for paddling this morning. I am just sick of the cold (and it is only December...but I digress). I have been thinking what other (read: indoor) things I can do to occupy my time and thought I might start rummaging through old negatives and digital files. There must be a thousand images that I've never printed in a wet or electronic "dark room".

I started with some files of images shot in Italy, these at Lake Como. I have so many others. Perhaps I will do some step-by-step presentations of how I got from the original shot to the final image. I have several cold months in which to play with this idea.As you can tell from all my images, I am not wedded to any one type of subject but, rather, I will record anything to which my eye is drawn.

Winter is just starting.

Paddle safe...


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Kristen said...

I'll be watching, Silbs!