Monday, December 17, 2007

When Good SEA Kayakers
Turn Bad

(JB before symptoms appeared)

Maybe it is the winter, I can't say, but I am seeing things change and people change. JB, a long-time SEA kayaker has recently gone Hollywood on us. Not content with being one of the finest teachers around, he has come to believe he has creative needs (everyone wants to direct...but I digress). So now he spends his pool time taking deep breaths and looking for bow-legged women in the shallow end of the pool. The YMCA has posted extra guards outside the women's locker room.

(Greg before symptoms appeared)

This is Greg in a beautiful strip SEA kayak which he built from scratch. He has also built other wooden boats as well as a couple of skin on frame boats. The only compromise this SEA kayaker has ever made was to go to a Euro paddle when he decided to become an instructor. The ultimate traditionalist, wouldn't you say? But then winter came, and old Greg (like JB) lost it. Thought he was a spring chicken pains me to report...turned up at the pool in (gasp) of those toy boats (made by Mattel?). There he was, this ex-SEA kayaker, spinning, rolling and just generally flopping around.

It's just me now. Winter hasn't affected me at all. I remain steady and sane, and I know it is meant for me to save the world of SEA kayakers from going off the deep end or, for that matter, the shallow end. You who live in the northern climates can help by watching for signs of insanity and digression amongst fellow SEA kayakers frozen off the waters.

Watch for changes in personality, practices and dress. Be especially wary of the ones who think they can put down the SEA kayak and pick up a pen (or a key board) and become writers.

Paddle safe...



Ben said...

Why is SEA capitalized?

Silbs said...

How would I know? I guess it was to emphasis the difference with... what was the question again? :)

Eric J. said...

Someday a SEA kayaker won't be forced to go Euro to become an instructor.....
Stick lore will cease being a dark, arcane form of magic.

Silbs said...

Works for me, Eric.