Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sometimes It takes Balls
(and JB has got 'em)

The lowly tennis ball can play an interesting and valuable roll in a day on the water. This is true whether paddling alone or in a group.

An otherwise lethargic outing suddenly comes alive when a tennis ball comes out of no where and splashes just ahead of a paddler. Suddenly, there is energy in the group as we race to get the spherical missile in hopes of tossing it for someone else to fetch. I, too, like to chase the little devils since it requires good boat control and quick maneuvers. I don't, however, toss it very far as my rotator cuff doesn't tolerate such activity.

When paddling alone where there are no markers such as buoys on the water, a tennis ball can serve as a target to help tell if that hanging draw is really moving you side ways. Float a couple of them and you have a figure-8 course to go around...forwards and backwards.

Then there are the racers who show up in what I call thong boats. They tend to cruise at about 40 knots and make it hard for the rest of us to keep them in sight. Sometimes, however, they troll two balls, one on either side, thus producing enough resistance to bring them down to the speed of mortals.

So, consider adding a pair of these fuzzy wonders to your day hatch stash. Tennis any one?

Paddle safe...



Kristen said...

Silbs, you kill me! Brilliant.

Silbs said...

I just report the facts...well, sometimes I digress.

eurion said...

Thanks for sharing a simply a great idea!

Silbs said...

Thanks for stopping by, Eurion