Sunday, July 23, 2006

Around the corner
Up your street
I'm lucky, at least when it comes to location, location, location. I am less than a half-hour drive from a great lake )Michigan) and less than a 5 minute drive from a navigable river (not to be confused with a potable river. But, I digress). Although Milwaukee has little to tout for itself, it does have a well established water trail (sign at right). To do the entire river would require portaging, but sections can be done as out and back paddles. One such section is the one that runs within 2 blocks of my house. (You can google the trail and get an excellent map of all its launch sites, bars, etc).
The water quality is akin to a toilet in need of flushing, however the scenery can get your head away from the fray for a bit of time (if you ignore the floating objects. See previous blogs for comentary on the rare species found here).

Passing some bridge abutments, you can take in the hyroglyphics of the local natives. Some of these archeological finds date back as far as the last century (1900's). Their meanings are still debated by local scientists and street gangs.

Quiet sections allow for exploration of the banks with its intricate and interesting displays of roots (actual color, ladies, never been dyed). Not shown are some islands, lily pads gallor (on the section north of here) and small bays and nooks into which one can tuck a kayak and sit to watch the wild life (especially on a saturday night)

I could say more, and probably will in the future; but it is now 7:10 am , and the guys from Madison are on their way to join us on the big lake. I leave you with a shot of me on the section of the river north of here. Eat your heart out.

(photo by Leslie)

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