Monday, July 24, 2006

...and the children
Belong to us all
The world belongs to the children, and the children belong to us all. Those words from a popular song have haunted me ever since my first child was born 27+ years ago. From that time forward I was to worry about her and, eventually her sister. Are they safe? Will someone try to hurt them? Are there predators around? Kidnappers? Is that sneeze a cold or Dingy Fever? Sometimes the fears became irrational, and why not? They are so vulnerable, innocent and trusting.

Suddenly, I became aware of all children. I knew I would go through fire for my own and anyone else's child hoping deep inside that others felt the same way. How else could I believe the world to be safe enough for them?

Time passes, and I became involved in men's work...and the caring and fear extend to all people.

This all came to mind this week when I learned that a young man who lives near by me will be getting out of jail next week. He is there on drug charges, but that is only the cover on the book. He has been in and out of minor trouble all his life, and I have sat with him a few times to try and find out what drives him. His father divorced and, more or less, abandoned the family when the lad was a kid. He has not had solid male models, so I had hoped to help. In any event, his mother tells me that he has expressed an interest in talking with me when he gets home. I had once offered him some suggestions and, apparently, he is now ready to hear them....and, hopefully. act on them.

One man, one life. We all own the world, and we all belong to each other. Now tht I think about it, I realize now why I feel like a mother hen when I paddle with a group. I keep count of the paddlers, often lag behind to watch the newbies and be sure they are safe, check hatches and carry all the rescue equipment I can. I know others are watching my back.

Paddle safe


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Buncher said...

I've got your back, dad.