Thursday, July 06, 2006

The time is now....

Time to go. The trip I've been anticipating for months is here. The time is now. All the things I thought I would have ready are mostly ready, and--as always--it feels like I need another day to prepare. The car is packed, and I think I have everything in there I need. I never did make the check lists I thought I would, and I don't know what is in which bags (Richard had some good points).

So, if you have been following the last two days and are wondering how I solved the which-pile-to-take problem, have no fear. I took all 4 piles. There is a solution to every problem.

As I don't know the internet availability in the area to which I travel, I don't know when I will write again. I am, be assured, taking camera, cables and computer (in pile 4) and will put something up every day that I can.

Now, there is nothing to do but go.

Let's all...paddle safe.


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