Monday, July 17, 2006

He's Back....
Well, almost

Well, my body is in the chair, and someone who looks very much like me (only with a better tan) is typing at my computer's key board. It must be I.

I am tired, and I have had wonderful experiences since last writing. I thank you for checking back and promise to get to work spinning my sermons on life, kayaking and all those who-cares topics. I do, however, need to center myself, reorient myself and take one more day to get back into it properly. So, I am off to meet JB for coffee (regardless of what time it says this is posted, I am in the CDT zone, and it is about 6 am.

So, dear readers, please grant me a stay of laxidaziness for one more day and, please, join me tomorrow. By then I shall have had a chance to down load the pics from my lap top and enough time for the trivial crap that occured to have fermented into sagas of mythical stories. I promise to share tales of meeting the famous Nigel Foster, sampling Irish whiskey with two (to be named) fanatics, a disappearance of a paddling mate in the dead of night and storms severe enough to scare a man named Mobey off the water. That and more when my addled brain has had a chance to confuse and mix up all the facts I've acquired during my trip. Remember, it's not what truly happens that counts, it is what I remember that me.

I love my work.
Continue to paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Welcome back!!!

Good to have coffee and the new cherry & chocolate baked oatmeal with you this morning--and to hear the report from GLSKS.

Readers have a lot to look forward to.

Buncher said...
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Buncher said...

Dad, look forward to reading about your adventures.


Alex said...

welcome back dick. glad to see you survived your kayaking marathon.