Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Putting all my eggs
in one basket
It's that time again, that time when my guts get in a knot and every room (includes garage) I have stuff in is in a mess (see special blog on garage neatness last week). Why? Hell, it's symposium time minus 2 days, and I gotta' pack. So? you ask (thanks for asking). Well, so I hate packing. It's almost like a phobia for me. It means...it means...it means taking some things and leaving others behind (there is a great George Carlin comedy routine on this type of thing. It involves a trip to Hawaii...but I digress). And how the hell am I supposed to know what Iwill need while on the road for two weeks?
It's not just the necessities. How many base layer tops is enough? Do I do wash while on the road (my cloths...I always...well, usually wash myself). What will be the in-style stuff. I hate to show up wearing last years model of a rescue belt. And shoes. Geez, sandals, those synthetic ones with holes in them, booties, wading models. A dress shoe? Maybe I will want to go into a nice place (in northern Wisconsin...I don't think so). But you get the idea and can probably sympathize with my angst.
Fear not, I have a method. Well, not so much a method as my way of getting around doing it right (what ever way that might be). 1, I take out every single thing I own that could possibly be of use on the trip. 2, I put back those things that even a fool like myself knows I won't need (fancy wrist watch....value $40, loafers with tassels now 11 years old, 8 track tapes, Bose radio...stuff like that). By now, I am down to enough to fill just one small moving van. So the electric piano stays. And so it goes until I have sifted and winnowed (UW-Madison Alum will appreciate that expression) my way down to a car load. I am a half day into that last part and am already feeling like I've done the symposiums.

Now, where to put the kayak?

Paddle safe



JohnB said...

Remember to bring your trumpet--Nancy asked for musical instruments. It doesn't take up much room.

I'm aiming to leave by 0900 tomorrow. I'm nowhere near where you are, and now I got run the streets of Milwaukee for the next 16 hours (gee I hope it's only 16!).

Have a great 4th and I'll see you on the Door!

Richard said...

Sort everything you want to take into three piles. 1) stuff that could be considered a luxury, 2) stuff that would make the trip comfortable, and 3) stuff that is required to keep you alive. Then put the 3rd pile into the middle of the bed, pull up all four corners of the bed sheet, and place into your vehicle. Forget the other two piles - you won't need them. It's about the places you visit and the people you meet, NOT the stuff you drag along. =8-}

Silbs said...

Word. What you said, Richard