Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh Captain, my Captain,
The ship of state is safe
(Frost, referring to Lincoln after the civil war)

So, I have had my first decent night's sleep since leaving on my tour de farce several days ago, and it is time to begin reflecting on what has just passed.

Firstly, I discoveed that I do have restlessness leg syndrome and that it is getting worse. I won't turn this into a medical report (at least not this time) except to say that this syndrome is not unlike the torture techniques I was told about before going over to SE Asia. It is the inability to be still when, at the same time, the body craves sleep. It is worse in the evening and when one is recumbent. It eases off in the early morning hours thus accounting for the desire to sleep in. Nevertheless, I was up at 5:30 (or earlier) each day of the trip. Why? So I could see what can only can be seen early in the day. Call it photographer's attitude.

As I ease into what I hope will be a series of observations on the trip, let me just share a few images I found durning this safari. An early morning drive out of Grand Marais to Sable Falls was rewarding. Soon afer sunrise the sun hits the falls and causes hot spots. The best views are available to the eary waker who, if lucky, doesn't have restless leg syndrome).

As always, there are the big shots and, as follows, the little shots (best shots not yet converted to proper format for display here.

The trip was filled with eye-candy for this man who loves all images, visual and audio, and is grateful to have one more day to enjoy them. In the upcoming days, I will share more of the sights and experiences of the trip on these pages. Meanwhile, I am enjoying being back home and in safe habor.
Paddle safe


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