Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just a note to say I have completed the Door County Kayak Symposium teaching basics, rescues, beyond basics, leading a tour and giving a brown bag lunch lecture on weather.
The company of JB and Derrick was great, and the Irish whiskey of Derrick's was wonderful. I still don't know where he disappeared to after leaving our room.

I am in th eUP in an Econo Lodge Motel whose wireless system won't come on line, so I cannot use my computer or post pics. Alas.

I plan to bum around for a few days before getting to Grand Marais for a Wednesday all-day advanced rescue review for instructors. Then, their symposium where I will get to meet and work with Nigel Foster.

Hang in. I shall be back and blogging soon....however, I cannot get onto my own site???

Paddle safe


JohnB said...

Derrick is safe, I'm not sure about "sound" though. After doing a taste testing of Irish whiskeys (Jameson and Bushmills, and the Jameson won) Derrick did show up to "assist" me with a 4 hour navigation class early (too early) Sunday morning--coffee cup in hand and toothpicks for his eyes. After leaving our room, he went down to the campfire where he and Kelly Blades finished off the Jameson.

So, Derrick is safe--but I never did see him after I told him that he didn't need to come on the water with us as I had 2 other assistants too.

Great symposium! As Dick was leaving, I was down at one of the landing sites turning boats over and getting people off the water as the storm rolled in.

Dick, have fun up the UP der eh!

Paddle Safely!

Buncher said...

Maybe next year all you can come to PaddleFest ( Cincinnati, Ohio. That is where my husband and I will be living. Chili (Skyline or Gold Star, 3-way or 5-way)for whomever can convince my father to come down, so I can see him and maybe, just maybe, I'll get into a kayak myself. Love you, Dad.

JohnB said...

I-65 to I-74, less than a day's drive, I'm sure there will be a kayak or two heading down to the beautiful rolling hills of Cincy.

I know I will be heading down at some point next year for my 40th high school reunion not far away. I'd love to paddle the Brookville Lake in Indiana, where nearby I spent much of my late teen years as a lifeguard.

But, Paddlefest is the same time as the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium :(( So, may not make the Paddlefest, but with the longer season there, there's a lot of paddling to be done.

Get that chili ready! Cold beer too?

Silbs said...

Love you too, Buncher...Dad