Monday, July 10, 2006


Wanting to hear everything I was trying to teach them , medical students always asked me what was the most important part of the stethescope. I would smile and answer, "The part betwee the ear pieces." Non medical students want to know how to get those water fall pictures I make. They presume,like my med students, that it must be the camera. So, being on the road and having less than ideal conditions, I will give a little photo lesson......for free. These are not good pics, they just illustrate the point.

So, you see the water fall and click your camera. When the photo comes back from the drug store, you get something like this:

You probably thought it would look something like this. I know it is dark, it is all I had the time for. Point being, how did I get the cotton like effect? There are two essential pieces of equipment all photographers should have, and one is necessary for good waterfall pics. I did not have it, so I used a fence. I speak, of course, of the tripod (I will discuss the other piecde of essential equipment on a future blog). No matter how cheap the camera, get it steadied on something and shoot at a shutter speed (well, I guess it can't be too cheap) of 1/15 or slower. The "long" exposure will cause blurry recordings of the foam, and wellah.

I hope to soon share with you photos I took today at Pictured Rocks. I must confess, I did so from a tour boat being too tired to paddle, and not having enough time to get as far as the big guy did. When I do, I will give examples of the other essential piece of equipment.

Tomorrow I head to Grand Marais.

Paddle safe


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Nice photos.