Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Nice day...my A**

Have a nice day. Ever have someone tell you that, like it is an order or something? I will, if I feel like it, is often the way I answer...in my head. Who are they to tell me to have any kind of a day? Besides, they should be saying thank you since they are usually sales people from whom I have just made a purchase.

See what they've cleverly done? They made it so the conversation ends with me saying thank you. Just who is giving who the business? What a rip.

Why the cheery attitude this am (you ask)?

Well, pop psychology tells me that I can choose how I will feel this day. It says that when I wake up I can decide how I will feel and what attitude I will take with me into the world. Fine.

Well, I woke up with a very fine attitude, thank you world of technology. I had a great idea for a blog, one that would have impressed you and changed your life for the better and forever. I sat--no hurried to--these keys and went to upload the pictures that would have added that touch of brilliance to the piece and helped to visually burn the wisdom I was about to dispense deep into your brain. But the freakin' site woke with a much different attitude.

The site woke this morning (probably skipped it's morning bytes, the most important bytes of the day) and decided it was going to have a screw-Dick-day today. It decided that it would frustrate the first brilliant mind it met, refuse to load its images and deny the Universe of the potential wisdom waiting to be dispensed. So it didn't work, crapped out, abandoned its duties and went on the fritz.

So you and I, mere puppets of the multilateral industrial caballa are once again turned into victims of the nano-shpere. And, it is going to be a shitty day.

Now, I feel better. I can feel the medication kicking in. Maybe the whole world isn't out to get me. I got it out. I hope you feel better too, because I did it for both of us. I am here for you. I decided to start my day, after all, with a healthy rant., and, if I had to do it again, I'd do it all over you.

Still...Paddle safe.

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JohnB said...

Not that all of that wasn't bad enough, then when you were on your way to have coffee and baked oatmeal with JB, there was this truck and crane blocking the off ramp as you tried to turn onto McKinley. How do I know this you ask, cause the damn thing was blocking me too as I was coming down Fond du Lac!

At least the coffee, oatmeal and chat was good!

May we have a better day ;)))