Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not in the old rockin' chair...yet
After yesterday's blog on packing, Richard from Michigan wrote with some good advise. To paraphrase his words: make a pile of the luxurious stuff, a pile of the nice stuff and a 3rd pile of what you need to survive. Wrap up the third pile and forget the rest. Packing done.
And, he's right. But...
It's been a long time since I began camping in tents with the Boy Scouts. It's been a while since I interned in Washington DC where and when being up two nights in a row was exciting and educational. Point being, lots of years have happened between being able to run and play all day up to where don't leave home without it means a MediCare Card.
I was in my mid 30's when this child was born. She is now in her mid 20's, is more stubborn than me, is tougher than me and can argue me under a table. (She has tons of wonderful qualities all of which she got from her mother).
Back in the day, I would have used Richard's method of packing and probably would have left half of pile 3 at home, as well. Back then, we camped using wood fires and put shaving cream on the bottom of pans to make them easier to wash. When food ran low we ate twigs and tree bark.

I was starting my camping career, this bandy-legged beauty was born. Okay, so you're ahead of me. She's now is my wife of nearlly 30 years. Where did all that time go? I don't know, but somewhere in there, I began taking all of pile 3 until camping gave way to cruise ship vacations.

Well, let's not belabor the point. The dashing young man talking with his scout pal's (marked X for your viewing convenience) was born about 6 months before Pearl Harbor was bombed. He, along with the two gals above, is now older and, I got to tell you Richard, I just know he is going to sneak some of pile 2 into his car.

Face it, he's taking all three piles if he can cram them in.

And...he'll paddle safe.



JohnB said...

And what doesn't fit, just leave scattered about your side of the garage floor--for if you don't you know someone may stake a claim to your territory while you're "Gone Paddlin'".

Gots to watch out for them rustlers!

I'm in the midst of packing now, and you know I'll have more stuff in my car than you will in yours! And, I'm leaving plenty behind to protect my space!

Alex said...

The three pile advice is good if you're backpacking across the wilderness. However for symposium car camping, you can bring all three piles plus a few extra bottles of wine and still have room to spare. Even if you forget the necessities, it's not like we're not 5 minutes away from a grocery store. I should start thinking about packing as well. Or at least wash some of my gear so that its less offensive to the students!

Richard said...

My new wife used to go on cruise ships with her friends and would take in excess of SEVENTY pounds of luggage for one week. (<- reread that last sentence and let it sink in.) I have taken her to the BVI and to Hawaii each for one week, with only a carry-on each time. We argued about it at first. Resist the temptation to pack all of that stuff. It will just get in the way while your there, and you'll have to un-pack it all when you get home. =8-}

leslie said...

Remember, when the car is full the kayak on the roof has a roomy cockpit. Or, get a comfy room, take you kayak stuff and a credit card. Have a great time and paddle safely.