Monday, July 03, 2006

There is a reason they call it work...
In another of my lives, I own a little business called Work/WorkShop(tm). I give talks, do one on ones and conduct workshops around work. Well, more specifically, i work on why so many people are miserable at work, why so many people hate their jobs, how so many have made poor career choices and decisions and why so many unexplained sudden deaths occur late Sunday night or early Monday morning when it is time to go back to the job.
Remember how it felt the last time you took a vacation, had a ball and the day to return to the job came? Remember how, as a kid, you felt when a holiday or summer vacation was ending? Well, a gazillion slobs face that same feeling as each weekend draws to a close. Alas, work, the curse of the paddling class.Some other time, maybe I will talk more about why so many hate work or how they all got into a thankless job (not you, of course). Instead, let's remember it is a holiday. The 4th of something or other. Whoppee. Time to celebrate the birth of a nation (like you really give a rat's patute, it's just an excuse to tie one on). Hell we celebrate Halmark card day (a.k.a. valentine's day), 4-leaf clover day (St. Patrick's Day), the soltice (where the length of the day is acknowledged by folks who work and live indoors), arbor vitae day (go hug a tree) and "honey, it's our 5th anniversary day (which may be celebrated by the day, month or year). We celebrate anything that will make us feel the way we wish work made us feel, anything to take our mind off the job.

And, WE TAKE VACATIONS. Do we ever.

Hell, we work harder at planning, taking, photographing and organizing photo albums of that cruise or vacaton than we do working. Why? Because we like vacations and, for many, hate our jobs. How sad that so many live with the mantra: one day. And, when there's not enough time and/or money for a cruise or a trip to Vegas, or we need some relief from the reality of work right now, we simply party together, even sit and drink coffee together. Why? Because we like our friends are more than our jobs...and that may or may not be healthy. Fact is, you'd probably rather sit with me at a social and put up with my crap than go to work.
So, my depressed friends (thanks, in part, to me). Don't spend this 4th of whatever alone or waste it in a small room writing a blog . Be with someone. Do something. Get your mind off every thing that brings you down. Party on.
And remember, don't be late for work the day after tomorrow. Or, maybe you need a workshop on the subject. Sucker.

Paddle safe



Buncher said...

Hey Dad, when's your next workshop? It's time to look for a new job, go back to school, ugh, I'm so confused.

JohnB said...

Don't worry buncher, I'm much older than you and I'm always looking for a new job. . .make that another job--the perfect one or a combination of jobs; and going back to school. "Confusion" is good, it keeps one searching and growing. (not from Confusious says, just jb's thoughts).