Wednesday, July 19, 2006

To Be
Not To Be...

I don't do well on those personality inventory tests where they ask the testee to make choices such as: Would you rather be playing baseball or doing a chemistry experiment? Often, it is obvious what they are getting at, such as when they ask whether I would like to have a job that requires team work and discussion or one in which I work alone. My problem with all these choices is that my honest answer is always "yes". Then the results come back, and I am labled schizophrenic or just too stupid to follow instructions. Well, screw 'em. I want it both ways (read: my way.

The days at the Door County Sea Kayak symposium were great. I knew a lot of the people and had the charming company of JB and Derrick (talk about schizophrenic...but I digress). Lots of company and good talk (and, one night, good cheer). My extrovert had a ball. Grand Marais was different.

I hardly knew anyone, at least when I got there. So, I had time to myself, to read and to get up early to explore. That's why I was the only one there to see a bald eagle having a fish-breakfast right there on the beach at 6:30 one morning. That's why I got to read one of the best fun reads I've read in years (Odd Thomas by Koontz. Get it). That's why I had the time to get out to the waterfalls. My introvert was content to mull and muse all by himself.

Some day I'll do a piece on right and left brain and tell you a neat story about an experience I had in that realm. For now, know that I am glad to be home, although going from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan is like going from a spa to a septic tank (I was rolling in Michigan yesterday).

Truth be told, we all need a balance of alone and together time. I am just lucky enough to get it when I want it. So...stay with me, I like being alone.

Paddle safe


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