Monday, July 31, 2006

New kid on the block

We (Derrick and I) voted as a block and successfully moved JB to start his own blog ( I welcome my mentor to the hard cruel and unforgiving land of the written world and look forward to his wisdom. Be sure to add him to your lists of to do sites. Now we can work on getting Gary S. to do a blog on racing, training techniques and exercise physiology.

Heat Hits Hard
Milwaukee, like much of the country, is in the midst of a heat wave. Today's heat index is expected to be 107 F. A perfect day to be on and, as much as possible, in the water. This is the kind of heat that drains the enrgery from one's soul and makes bloggers prattle on about the heat with no real point in mind. It is a day made no more pleasant than for finding that blogspot picture upload won't work. Oh well.
So, today, I excuse myself (I can write myself a doctor's excuse) from work in order to cool it. Do the same. I will soon be back with something sensible.
Paddle safe

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