Saturday, April 12, 2008

All About Greg
Just For Steve

A few moment ago, Steve left a request (comment on yesterday's blog) for info on Greg and his strip boat building activities. Seems that Steve is a builder himself. Well, this blog, if nothing else, sucks up to anyone kind enough to comment on these posts.Greg is a friend, neighbor and paddling companion. He is also a skilled craftsman who has created a few skin on frame boats and some wooden ones. Lately, he has taken to building strip kayaks from plans which, to me, is the most challenging route one could take to creating a kayak.He has "isolated" a small area of his basement by hanging "drapes". Within the workshop, which he has created, are his tools and the boats which he has built and the one on which he is working.
I am one who is impressed by folks who can do this kind of creating. While I can meticulously sew the tiniest of arteries with the neatest of stitches, I can only take the wood you see here and turn it into kindling. Greg, who works with the intensity of a brain surgeon, has an attention to detail that is amazing. He worked with the tooth pick you see, plaining and carving it until it fit perfectly into the hull.Of course, when you do such detailed work, sometimes you're going to trim your finger as well.

Happy Steve?

Paddle safe...


steve said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you,, its always interesting to see someone else working. Is that a Petrel he is building and did you stitch up his finger

Greg Fojtik said...

Hi Steve. I've been checking in on your site to follow the progress you're making. I think Dick held back on posting this because he was waiting for me to update my own blog, but I haven't gotten to that just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Yes, it is a Petrel, for my wife. I'm trying very hard to not mess up such a beautiful design.

Kristen said...

Nice work, Silbs, and testament to a friend.