Monday, April 14, 2008

Carl Also Had It Right
I was introduced to Mr. S's poetry back in high school and took to it immediately. Oh Captain, My Captain was one of my favorites, especially when I learned that it was about the aftermath of the civil war and that the Captain was actually Lincoln. Neat. I remember, too, the things he had to say about fog.
How it crept in like a cat, looked around a bit and, then, tiptoed away. Most excellent. Whether on land or sea, the fog offers a wonderful and mysterious quality that makes an average walk spiritual and an otherwise routine paddle magical. It can sooth the soul or strike terror into the heart of the I-have-no-compass-kayaker. It robs us, all at one time, of direction by sight and sound as it changes the environment into a homogeneous, amorphous world of dampness, glare and muffled tones. It allows no color into its domain.
And, when it is good and ready and finished with what it came to do, it magically disappears and returns the world to our senses.

Paddle safe...

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derrick said...

beautiful photos. What they call a "soft day".