Friday, April 11, 2008

Yada Yada Yada
Everyone talks about the weather, and no one does anything about it...except talk about it and blog about it...and all that talk has become boring and mundane. It is, sad to say, a reflection of how the mood (and health) of many people has been adversely changed by the long spell of cold, snow, rain and sunless days.

Vitamin D and feel-good brain chemical levels are at an all time low causing some folks to be moody and some down right depressed. Or, as young folks would say, it's been a bummer. More over, weight gain around here has been rampant this winter. Ah, but hope lives eternal within the human soul.
I turn to friends and family for companionship, even if it is just a cup of coffee at noon with my friend, mentor and paddling companion JB. A visit to Greg's basement to watch him work on a strip boat. A cold midweek paddle with Doug. They all help me to get through the dreary days. Then, too, there are my images, the thousands of pictures I've recorded over the years.A minuscule sailboat on a huge sea with wisps of clouds are easy on the retina and a joy to see.Or, running water. In any event, we are expecting thunderstorms out there today, so I am going to walk Ansel. I will likely take a camera to see if the early light will produce something worth recording, especially with the heavy fog I see outside my window.

Paddle safe...

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steve said...

how about a word and a picture of your friend Greggs strip boat. As a kayak builder It would be interesting to see what he is doing