Saturday, April 05, 2008

Thoughts on the WindPaddle(tm)(from the WindPaddle web site)
I got one of these over winter but hadn't had a chance to try it out until yesterday. It didn't go well, but I am not blaming the product just yet.

First of all, the air was light and barely enough to hold the sail up. Secondly, I hadn't reviewed the process for folding this little devil into thirds. It's easy to do when you do it correctly, and I didn't. So, I ended up folding it in halves to get back to shore.

There is a long line attached with which one steers and controls the sail while underway. Several times I found it caught on various things on my pfd and on my paddle. In a high wind, that could have been real trouble. I still want to give it a chance to perform in better wind. I do advise novice paddlers to stay away from it and for less experience paddlers to try it in mild wind with other paddlers around to help out if the need arises. This thing can take on big scoops of water when it falls into the drink. When I've given it a decent go I will post my thoughts.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

You truly are a man's man!

New product take it out and use it, then read the instructions!

You da man Silbs!!!

Silbs said...

In actuality (and the 50 contiguous states), I had read them and even practiced them previous to going out. However, a few months had elapsed, and once on the water I realized I had forgotten some of the fine points. Now pour me some whiskey.

Adam Bolonsky said...

HI Silbs,
when I reviewed the sail last fall for WaveLength Magazine, I found the sail also to be a real PITA to fold.

But once I got the trick, wow it was easy.

But learning the trick took several hours and the intervention of a girlfriend.