Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still On the Sidelines?
Well, yes and no. Yes, because I did not get the part time job up north and will not be getting back into practice...just now. The problem was that they needed someone who would go up there (or be up there) more often than I was willing to go. While I would like to be active again, I can't see myself driving the length of the state (up and down) more than once a month. In any event, the gal with whom I spoke sounded more disappointed than myself and said she would look for something closer. Meanwhile, I've sent in a bunch of dates available to teach sea kayaking in April, May and June. So, no, I don't plan to sit on the bench all summer.

I've also signed up for a wilderness medicine weekend course. Why? To renew old skills and learn new ones. I can open up a blocked coronary artery, and I am calm in emergencies. I figure I've done hundreds (maybe 1000) resuscitations during my years on the wards and in the catheterization lab. In all such matters, however, I had literally millions of dollars of equipment and a staff of incredible talent at my side. In the woods it is different.

On a similar note, I have also blocked out some time for symposiums and some camping. It looks like the Milwaukee paddlers may becoming a bit more active as a group. It will be interesting to see how many start showing up for Sunday paddles as the weather warms.

Then Joseph and his cohorts will be visiting next month, and we all will be going to Cincinnati for his first birthday party in May. So, I have things to look forward to, and I always do.

Paddle safe...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

More time playing and learning that sounds like a recipe for an excellent season ohhh those tents and trees are a tease as we have another snow squall.

Alan said...

Hey Dick,
Sorry you didn't get the job; except for the travel, it sounded ideal for you. Will you become a wilderness first aid instructor? I need to re-up my certification.
Warm regards... Alan

Silbs said...

Thanks for the comments, men. JB is the first aid instructor, and I am only taking a basic course to refresh my skills in that area. Now, on the other hand, I could teach coronary angioplasty in the wild !

Alan said...

Well, if I ever loose my health insurance, I will keep that in mind.