Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go To The Light
I love looking at photographic images whether mine or someone else's. I enjoy the different styles of different photographers and try to learn (steal) something from each of them. Some are unique for their subject matter while others use light in different ways. In the end, we all just photograph light. We just choose different things that the light falls upon and the angles at which it arrives.

Early, or first, light with its low angle is always an attention getter, as in the pic above. Especially when combined with back lighting.I, however, favor soft, diffuse light such as seen just before sunrise or after sunset. It can also be found indoors such as in this scene I stumbled on when JB and I did lunch the other day. The "roof" of this room was actually Plexiglas. It was sunny outside, and the ceiling did a great job of softening the light. I pulled out my Optio and grabbed the shot.Now, I am looking forward to camping. That's when I am always up and out before sunrise and where there is lots of stuff over which the light can drape itself.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

those are so beautiful, especially the door. i am no good with still objects like that. try as i might. but, i will keep trying!!!

that grandbaby of yours sure sounds precocious.

Douglas Wilcox said...

Lovely photographs, thank you.

Like you I am itching for a first camp. This weekend we have an active weather front and a fuel strike so I will just need to be patient. Last year on this weekend we had a lovely sunny weekend for a camp on Gigha. A weekend of day dreaming coming up!