Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This & That
The weather, although no longer below freezing, is turning crappy again. Thunder showers are expected today and tonight with possible flurries by the end of the week. Let's try and ignore it before we end up meeting on the back ward of some funny farm.
I used Doug's GPS the other day to see what my boat speed was in my shortish Romany. I bring this up because on a previous day I had used his longer (by 10cm) paddle, just for the fun of it. Actually, I had been thinking of trying a shorter paddle. Imagine my surprise when the Romany took off with what seemed a lot less effort than with my 210. What I did not do was try both paddles with the GPS to see what was real and what was the sensation of speed. Hey, a longer paddle is cheaper than a longer boat.(please...no bad news)
On another note, I have had a chronic, albeit mild, rotator cuff discomfort on the right. An MRI has shown it to be a trivial problem. Now, however, I have developed bilateral trapezius muscle pain. I think it started a few months back from doing some ill-advised exercises at the gym. I usually can find trigger points, ice them and massage them away. This time, things are hanging on. I may have to let a pro work on me. With the summer paddling season just around the corner, I don't want to spend any time on the bench. It pays to do those daily stretching exercises!

Paddle safe...

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Dawn (aka SandyBottom) said...

My GP is 84" long with 4" blades. Last week I used a friends 88" with 3" blades, and it was amazingly faster and smoother. I didn't have a GPS to measure with, but I could feel the difference, and it was also noted by others. I do plan to give it a GPS test. I too at one time was thinking of a shorter paddle.