Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quadratholon: Ain't easyOld(er) age is supposed to be reflective and relaxing. We, however, are in a major athletic competition in which two older adults have taken on the awesome power and energy of a child not yet one year old. Unfortunately for us, he gets to decide the events.
Don't let the baby face (older picture) fool you. This is a highly trained athlete who we suspect is taking some sort of supplements.
1. Crawling sprints with unpredictable changes in direction. This is hard on the knees and all sorts of joints I didn't know I had.

2. The four point stair climb: essentially a crawl up the stairs. Here we get to be spotters more than competitors.

3. The diaper change. A deceptively easy event that requires highly honed defensive skills.

4. The pull-it-off-the-shelf debacle. As with the others, this event has no clock and can go on for ever.

Reminder to self: Get liniment, aspirin and a personal trainer.

Paddle safe...


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