Monday, April 21, 2008

A Full House
Still Beats
A Pair

Since 1976 Lady Linda and I have cohabitated under the auspices of a Wisconsin marriage license. We have lived in two houses, and Linda has made them each a home. Both have been places with relaxed atmospheres where good people have always been welcome. Laughter has filled the rooms. Babies, then children lived with us for a bit, along with two wonderful dogs. At one time we were the home where the local children always gathered as there was always one and often two parents present. Our children grew up (well, they got older) and have homes of their own. Linda and I continue to be a fine pair, supported by the wonder dog, Ansel.

Yesterday, friends, lots of relatives and those kids (one with a kid of her own) and their husbands came to our home for an evening of celebration, food, talk and joyous laughter. For several hours the house was filled with the very happy sounds of people well fed and at ease with one another. Full platters of food and bottles of wine were passed down the two long tables set up for the occasion. Grandson Joseph was passed from one loving set of arms to another as everyone cuddled him and took joy in his youth. It was wonderful to have a full house again.

Grandson Joseph stayed over while his parents went to sleep at great grandmas house. Over stimulated, he didn't get to sleep until late, but he did manage to wake me with a 4 am speech before one of us was able to get back to sleep. I was the one who finally got dressed and wrote this.

Paddle safe...


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Kristen said...

Nice work, Silbs. A special time of life for you and him.