Friday, April 25, 2008

One Storm After Another
I paddled on the river yesterday trying out the 220 paddle JB loaned me and comparing it to the 210 I now own. His was better but a bit too long. Anyway, I was, most of the time, working against a 3 knot swirling current using muscles a bit more than usual. Thing is, it was not nearlly as tiring as chasing my grandson about the house has been.

Need an aerobic workout? Get an 11 month old and do everything he does...which will be mostly crawling at a rapid rate. It was, in the end, a wonderful week with Joseph who is now with grandma on their way to Ohio. The house is quiet and, for the first time this week, I have time to enjoy my morning coffee.

The air is 60F with a humid breeze. It is that wonderful feel of an impending summer storm. Matter of fact, you can see it on the radar image I just downloaded (above). We live about where the little red X is, and we expect winds up to 50 mph. No mind. I am happy, and summer is happening (we choose not to mention the predictions for snow this Sunday).

Paddle safe...

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Ron said...

We seem to have that four letter word in our forecast for Saturday also ... yuk!