Thursday, April 17, 2008

In (not so fond) Memory
As I write/type/compose this piece of nonsense, the window to my back yard is open. "warm" air, about 55F, is wafting into the room carrying the mating call of a male cardinal and the complaining voices of several geese on the river a block away. Thin clouds can be seen above the blossoming trees and promise rain later in the day. The winter that would not die, it seems, has ended...if only for a day.

Now, I suppose, I will (as I've always done in the past) forget about how miserable the cold made me. I will forget about how my change in lifestyle during the winter had led to over eating and weight gain. I will, instead, start planning in earnest for the classes and symposiums where I will be teaching. I will begin anticipating meeting new paddlers and new friends and reveling in the joy of moving my kayak through new waters.

I will, hopefully, also get back to my more sensible eating habits and continue to shed belly fat. I will get out more, even if that means just stepping out the front door and into the warm air when ever I feel like doing so. It is almost May...hard to believe. The summers here are relatively short, although fall tends to be kind. No matter. No time to waste looking back. Let summer begin.

Paddle safe...


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Kristen said...

That's the spirit, Silbs!