Sunday, February 25, 2007

Is This the Beast?
Lots of strange things have been going on. The honey bees are disappearing around the world. Cataclysmic storms destroy cities and lives. Derrick gets several feet of snow while here, in Glendale, we only get 2 inches. JB develops unexplained skin lesions, and and Greg hasn't built a boat all winter. Ice is hiding heavens know what beneath the shoreline, and Lady Linda has been treating me well. Coincidences? Perhaps...perhaps not.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was in the class of '66 during medical school. But, you say, that is only 2 sixes. Yes, but what I haven't told you is that I was issued an American Express Card with 6666 in its code. Coincidence?

And what about medical school, a training ground for one who would do evil medical experimentation on innocents? Perhaps you would find it interesting to learn that our actual graduation date was 6-6-66. Seeing a pattern here (if not, consider dyslexia....but I digress...and will send you a bill in the morning).

It may all mean nothing. After all, in spite of dire predictions that this is The End of Days, we are all still here, albeit shoveling snow. Perhaps it is all just a meaningless gaggle of meaningless happenings. Perhaps it is not a warning of any kind and that nothing terrifying and evil is just over the horizon.

Soon it will be spring and and, on the 6th month of the year, I will turn 66. And what are these strange stirrings I feel?

Paddle safe...

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Michael said...

... and you've no doubt done 6 new things this past year you've never done before. Isn't that wonderful!