Sunday, February 18, 2007

Anticipation : Frustration

It will go up into the 30'sF tomorrow and most of next week. Although only in the 20's now, it already feels like a heat wave. This up coming week aught to be excellent for winter paddling. "Warm" air and huge chunks of berg-like ice floating offshore. The problems is, however, that the shore line is piled with ice that is several feet high at the water line.

So, we sat at one of our local caffination spots, sipped coffee and spent this morning telling tales and musing over what swimming pools might be available in the Milwaukee area. But I need to get out onto the lake again. I need to be physically active in a way I cannot be in a gym or, for that matter, a pool. I need to feel the boat being lifted under me and the pull of the water against my paddle...before I go entirely nuts.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Sounds like you folks need a decent sized wave pool for kayakers to vent their frustrations in, on and under! With a good coffee shop in the front, of course to pay for the thing!

Silbs said...

Note to self: Put Michael down as an investor!

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Head West young man... Open water on the Bark River off of Sugar Island Road.

The Capt'n