Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some times, I Forgets
It seems like 8,000,000 years since I last paddled outdoors in warm water, but my memories or it carry me through the winter months. Sometimes, however, I forgets.
I forgets the feeling of being lifted and rocked by the lake. I forgets the rush of bracing into a wave as it crashes, chest high, onto the beam of my boat. I forgets the exultation of a student who has just "gotten it" and his or her hungry look for more. I forgets, too, the delicious fatigue as I climb out of the cockpit and walk ashore after a long paddle. Of course, I have Michael's blog to remind me what it can be like.
I may forgets a lot, but at least I have documented, with the unfailing accuracy of the camera, what it looks like in summer.
Paddle safe...


Buncher said...

We have kayaking here and it's warmer!

Silbs said...

You have a dirty river and a swimming pool