Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time Warp
Must have been the wine I had at dinner last night. Drinking too late in the day sometimes does funny things with my sleep. This time, I popped awake at 3 am with a vivid memory of something that happened in early 1962.
I was working with my father carrying boxes and stuff. I was in college and was working a couple of jobs to make ends meet. In any event, I got a phone call from my mother saying that an envelope had arrived from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine (where I had a applied...but I digress) and did I want her to open it. No, I did not. I would face the disappointment on my own.
When I arrived home several hours later, my sister and her husband were hanging out at the house...something that just didn't happen. There was an odd tension in the air as I was handed the envelope which I deposited in my room before returning to the kitchen for supper. It was clear that everyone was there to see what was in the envelope, and I wanted to read it on my own time. My brother in law had been to college, and I was the only other to do so. Other than an uncle, no one had gone to medical school in our family. This was, potentially, a big deal for us all.
Well, I finally went to my room, closed the door and slowly opened the epistle. The brilliant red insignia of the university and the heavy bond paper unfolded as I began to read what appeared to be a form letter. I expected the worst. But, alas, I was being invited to be in the class of '59. The feeling was overwhelming, other-worldly. I was humbled. I had been accepted to med school and, as the poet said, that has made all the difference in the (my) world.
You know, I think I will have some wine before going to bed tonight.
Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Great story, Dick! My son had a similar experience about a year ago when he opened a letter from McGill inviting him to go to Singapore University for a year at their expense. Cherished moments!

JohnB said...

Ok silbs, now I know you wrote this before we had lunch and coffee at Sven's mid-day today. And, I know I'm just now reading it (sorry man!), but how did you go from remembering something that happened in 1962 to being accepted to be a memember of the class of '59? (you digressed again didn't you?) ;)))

Silbs said...

Good catch, you should have been a cop. '59 was the year I graduated high school. I should have said the class of '66 (which give me an idea for Sunday's blog...but I digress).

Michael said...

Hey JB, time can warp both ways on a good day! LOL