Monday, February 05, 2007

It was only a matter of timeIf you read Derrick's blog (and, it appears, everyone in the free and not so free world does...but I digress), you can't help but have the feeling that every paddler in the world has, is about to or is on a circumnavigation of sorts. Heck, even JB and I did a round about of Door County (never mind that it was by minivan). Well, now it is Sam's turn.

Sam Crowley is well know in these parts. He lives up at the top of the state in Marquette on Lake Superior. We see him "down south" here as he often leads IDW and ICE courses out of Rutabaga in Madison. He, along with JB, taught me to teach this game. Sam is a very capable and by the book paddle. He insists on flawless technique and has a keen diagnostic eye.

Well, Sam is going to have a go around the Old Sod. Yup, he is planning a circumnavigation of Ireland. If you click on his name (above), you will be treated to his web site which sports, among a lot of other info, some of Sam's notorious jokes (read: groaners). The site is well organized and easy to navigate, and I recommend it to you.

Sam, don't forget to pack those four-leaf clovers

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Good for Sam! Sounds like quite the undertaking.

BTW, your posting this morning is so....aaah... centered! A subliminal message perhaps...?

Silbs said...

I was just being politicaly correct:)