Monday, February 19, 2007

Making it through the winter
Yesterday, Ansel and I had a fine outing in the park across the river from our house. The sun was out in force, and the temps in the mid twenties (F) almost felt like spring. So, we walked, explored, and I took pictures. It began to feel like we were going to make it through the winter after all.
I have been marveling at the small birds, cardinals and woodpeckers I've been seeing through this last cold spell. I have no idea how they survive let alone find food and water and maintain their body heat. The squirrels have been popping out during breaks in the weather and, I suspect other small mammals have been about. It would appear that the coyotes we saw the other day are also aware of their presence.
I found this kill, picked clean, next to a soccer field. It reminded me that while we build and pave over green places and make ourselves comfy, wild life adapts and goes about its business of surviving just as it has since the beginning. I am not sure why, but I find comfort in knowing that, a feeling somewhat akin to the connection to something I feel when on the water (and I didn't digress even once_).
Paddle safe...

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Michael said...

Interesting that you'd mention your leg! I wrenched a knee practicing wet exits ast fall and it still catches me now and then. That would not have happened a few years ago reminding me (us?) that we don't seem to be in our 20's any more. That said, I think more people continue to enjoy our sport as they get older than almost any other I can think of. I recently met a lady who began paddling last year. She's 71 and loving it!