Monday, February 26, 2007

BS BS...or, BS Squared
BS squared is a local boating club made up mostly of white water paddlers. The actual name of the group is Badger land State Boating Society (The badger is Wisconsin's state animal...but I digress). The group holds various events throughout the year, but my contact with them is usually during the winter months since they are the ones who arrange the local pool sessions.
We actually meet at a YMCA close to my homewhere there is a first class pool available. One of the neat things about it is the ability to raise the floor at one end, thus creating a shallow area where someone can stand with their head above water. This, in turn, facilitates teaching, and there is a lot of that going around during our sessions.
In fact, the easy atmosphere and eager sharing of knowledge is one of the things that make these get togethers so much fun. I see various members helping others, and I see the joy on the faces of those hitting their first roll. All in all, it makes winter tolerable around here. Perhaps there should be more BS in your life.
Paddle safe...


Ron said...

The sharing, and learning atmosphere of the pool sessions is one of the great things about these get togethers. Its much more than just working on your roll. Always some good foolishness going on too!

Alex said...

Yeah, I like those BSBS guys. They're a fun group for sure. So do you bring your sea kayak into the pool with the whitewater guys or do you have a whitewater boat for those pool sessions?

Silbs said...

You said it. Ron
Alex, I use my Romany which, as you know, is a short sea kayak. Sometimes a SOF. There are sometimes 2, sometimes 3 of us, and we are careful to stay in one corner and not to move around a lot. The white water guys and gals are accomadating and friendly.