Sunday, February 11, 2007

Andrew McAuley

He is out there somewhere. New Zealand radio most recently has reported that he did not have an immersion suit along on his trip. Derrick points out that they may not have clarity as to the difference between a dry suit and an immersion suit. (I recommend his site to follow this story).

I went to the pool last evening and played and, for a while, forgot about this yet-to-be-told story. Part of me wanted to know that I could still roll, skull and wet exit should the need arise. Part of me made me hang upside down in the boat and watch my air bubbles zig zag to the surface while I focused on the fact that I need air to survive.

I remembered, too, that the water is a wonderful place, but it is detached and only follows the laws of physics. It is also totally unforgiving, and I must remember to...

Paddle safe...


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