Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A long-guarded family secrete:
I took this picture of Lady Linda's Mother at a party at our house this past weekend. In addition to portraying a great elder, it reveals a long held secret about my wife's family, one that I reveal here for the first time. Even now, as I am about to tell the world of our secret, I find I cannot say it directly and can only give you clues.
1, She talks in an unusual way. Example: Going to the store, I am."
2, She can levitate objects if she concentrates enough.
3, She is amazing with a laser sword.
4, Her first borne, a small lad named Yoda, is famous.
Don't believe me? Then, stare at the picture for a while....and may the force be with you.
Paddle safe...

1 comment:

derrick said...

gawd I hate to say I can see it. but you're so bad to your elders!!! Ah. . . elders!??