Monday, February 12, 2007

A full house
still beats a pair
Usually, there are only two of us living here with Ansel, a pair of old married folks. This weekend, however, the house was briefly filled with people (the picture above is old, but it helps capture the energy...but, I digress) as we gathered to celebrate birthdays. Family, friends, daughters, soon-to-be-grandson, son in law and soon-to-be-son in law all gathered for a get together.
There was talk, too much food, jokes on one another, stories and just plain fun. The furniture and decorations faded into the back round as the energy filled the house. Then, people gradually found their coats on the bed upstairs, and cars pulled out of our cul de sac. 24 hours later my daughter, my son in law and my soon-to-be-grandson were on their way home. The house grew quiet, and Ansel curled up to sleep.
This morning, the chill factor is in the teens and a dry, light snow is falling. I walked Ansel through the muffled silence...then returned to a quiet house.
Paddle safe...

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